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YOUR one-stop e-commerce solution
The ecommerce shopping cart software that increases your sales Online

After processing £10 billion in transactions, ecommerce solution Actinic Desktop will now be known by a new name - SellerDeck. 16 years after setting up as Actinic, the company’s website, community, knowledge base and products have changed to reflect the new SellerDeck brand.

SellerDeck's Award Winning software is widely regarded as the best value ecommerce package available today.

SellerDeck is the UK's foremost developer of ecommerce products for small and medium businesses and has been established in South Africa since 2006 with thousands of companies in over 40 countries.

Greater Vision, are South Africa’s only Distributor for the award winning SellerDeck Catalog and SellerDeck Business ecommerce software. Our packages are easy to use, affordable and feature-rich, and backed up by a range of comprehensive support options and an aggressive ongoing development programme.

Everything you need to design, build and manage an online store and to powerfully sell your products online.
Ecommerce Software that increases your Sales Online

Design and store layout flexibility
No monthly charges
Updates are made easily from your PC
Powerful range of features
Powerful marketing and merchandising features
Flexible product catalogue
Sophisticated customer management functionality
Low total cost of ownership
No need for HTML or programming knowledge
Extensive store management
Fully optimised for SEO and Internet Marketing
Easy to use Windows interface
Supports digital products such as mp3's and pdf's
Credit Card Integration with

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